El Comal
De la Buena Comida Mexicana
San José del Cabo, Los Cabos,
Baja California Sur, Mexico
el comal restaurant

El Comal Restaurant is situated in one of the oldest original buildings in San Jose del Cabo. Delight your senses from colorful bougambilias, scented fruit trees and a feast of Mexican flavors for your palate in an enchanting courtyard in downtown San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

“Comalli” from its origins traditionally is a disc made of clay and it's being held over three stones called “tenamascles”, between them fire is set with wood or coal.

The succulence and variety of the Mexican cuisine has made it one of the most appreciated.
El Comal De la Buena Comida Mexicana , San Jose del Cabo

el comal restaurant - san jose del cabo, mexico

Its origins come from the prehispanic period ( prior to the Spanish conquest ) to what it's called “ Culturas del Maiz “ ( the corn cultures) and has been complemented with, chiles, vegetables, meat; to elaborate an enormous variety of dishes that in some occasions are elevated to a ritual character for being offered to their deaths and gods.

With the conquest, the new Hispanic cuisine suffer an  enormous transformation, with the introduction of fruits, cereals, spices, meat like beef, and lamb from the new corners.

The nuns are the ones who take advantage of the fusion of both gastronomic exchanges, and create with great imagination delicious delicacies that still can be enjoy in our present days.

The Mexican cuisine, mold and evolution after the conquest, represents the marriage of traditions and both gastronomic cultures.

Open Monday-Saturday Lunch 11:00 am-3:00 pm
Dinner 6:00 pm-10:00pm
Restaurant El Comal De la Buena Comida Mexicana

El Comal De la Buena Comida Mexicana
Blvd. Mijares 1357 Col Centro, in the courtyard of Plaza la Casa de Don Rodrigo, downtown,
San Jose del Cabo Baja California Sur, Mexico
Phone: (624) 142-5508 | Fax: (624) 105-2348.

Internet: www.restaurantelcomal.com

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Los Cabos Guide - Restaurant and Dining Review - July 27, 2006 - by Anna Urbanik
Away from the street racket and safeguarded within a blooming, lush backyard in the historic center of San Jose del Cabo, lies a jewel of truly Mexican cuisine, El Comal. This spot takes full advantage of Los Cabos’ year-round alfresco dining opportunities, with its large, candlelit patio, under a canopy of colorful bougainvilleas and scented fruit trees. The El Comal de la Buena Comida Mexicana dining review continues.

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