San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Animal Shelters

SJD HUMANE SOCIETY ( C.A.R.E. ): Animal shelter close to the airport, all papers provided for pet adoptions to US/CAN. Fco. Madero St and Guerrero St Near the Federal Police Station, San José Viejo, Km.38 Transp. Hwy. Ph:130-3171. E-mail:;

Building & Construction

APOYO DIGITAL: Is a group of architects with more than 15 years of experience in Baja  (Los Cabos, La Paz and Loreto), with  professional services for Real Estate and Construction business, Edificio Plaza del Mar, Local 3-C, Punta Colorada, Col. Campo de Golf, SJD. Ph:142-5746 Cell:(624)129-68 52. E-mail:;

CABO TECH: In Cabo Tech we not only build walls…We give life to your dreams. Our services: architecture, interior design, engineering, urbanism and energy efficient architecture. SJC. Ph:120-5333 US:619-793-4845. Mon-Fri 8am-2pm & 4pm-6pm, Sat 8am-2pm. E-mail:;

NATURAL STONE: Builders and interior designers. The finest stone including: granite, marble, travertine, slate, cantera, sandstone and limestone. Natural Elegance is Natural Stone. Trans. Hwy. Km. 43.5, Col. Las Veredas, SJD. Ph:172-2035, 130-3364 Fax:172-2037. Mon- Fri 9am–6pm Sat 9am–2pm. E-mail:—$

Car Rentals

ADVANTAGE RENT A CAR: Advantage rent a car has the best deal on car rental throughout the Los Cabos area with accessible locations in downtown, hotels and suburban areas as well as the airport. Ph:146-5501, 146-5500. Daily 6am-9pm. Airport. L. Cárdenas Plaza Las Californias, Local #1, CSL. Ph:143-0909, 143-0466. Daily 7am-8pm—AX, MC, VS

ALAMO RENT A CAR: An internationally recognized brand that serves the most popular travel destinations for the leisure airport customer. Has locations throughout the United States, Canada, México, The Caribbean, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific Rim. (1) L. Cárdenas between L. Vicario & N. Mendoza, CSL. Ph:143-6060. Mon-Sat 7am-8pm Sun 7am-7pm. (2) Blvd. Mauricio Castro Downtown Plaza Nautilius Local 6-C SJDC. Ph:142-3700. Mon-Sat 7am-8pm; Sun 7am-7pm. (3) International Airport. Ph:146-1900. Mon-Sun 7am-8pm.—AX, MC, VS

ALL OVER BAJA: If you think the car rental you choose doesn't matter...think again FREE Transportation to/from the Airport. It’s a 100% Mexican company that offers different choices to rent a car for your vacations in Los Cabos. Mexican hospitality combined with years of expertise in car rental guarantee you a safe, well organized and memorable travel experience. Gali plaza local #51 Blvd. Paseo de la marina. Ph:105-1535 Fax:105-1536. E-mail:

AVIS RENT A CAR: Inside Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, CSL. Ph:143-4607. Daily 8am-4pm. Los Cabos IA. Ph:146-0201, 146-0214. Daily 7am-9pm—AX, MC, VS

CACTUS RENT A CAR: Wide selection of vehicles to accommodate individual needs. Cactus Rent a Car represent Ace Rent a Car in Los Cabos. Located across from Los Cabos IA, Transp. Hwy. Km.45 Col. San Bernabé, SJD. Ph:146-1839 Fax:172-3216 US Toll free:1-866-2259220. E-mail:;—$, AX, MC, VS

DOLLAR RENT A CAR: Unlimited miles and pick-up service. L. Cárdenas s/n between L. Vicario and N. Mendoza, CSL. Ph:143-1250. Los Cabos IA, SJD. Ph:142-0100, 105-8410. E-mail:;—AX, MC, VS

FIESTA RENT A CAR: Daily, weekly and monthly rentals. Jeep Sahara, Jeep Wrangler, Nissan Sentra, Nissan Platina, Dodge Attitude, Chevrolet Suburban. More for your money! B. Juárez, Road to La Playita, downtown SJD. Ph:142-5947 Cell:(624)121-4235. Daily 8am-8pm. E-mail:;—AX, MC, VS

HERTZ RENT A CAR: Pick up and drop off service in Baja, Km. 43.5 Transp. Hwy., at Col. Las Veredas, SJD. Ph:146-1803, 146-1821, 001-800-654-3030, 01-800-709-5000. Daily 7am–9pm—AX, MC, VS

LOS CABOS RENT A CAR: Niños Héroes between Zaragoza and Morelos, CSL. Ph: 143-6900. Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 8am-6pm—AX, MC, VS

NATIONAL CAR RENTAL: Has been a leader in the industry for over 50 years. We have established a solid reputation as the car rental company of choice, with a strong commitment to deliver quality service to our customers. (1) Km. 1.2 Transp. Hwy. Las Veredas, just 1/4 of a mile from the Airport, SJDC. Ph:146-5020. Daily 7am-8pm. (2) Lázaro Cárdenas Loc. 1 y 2 Edif. Posada, CSL. Ph:143-1414, 143-1818. Daily 7am-8pm—AX, MC, VS

PAYLESS CAR RENTAL: L. Cárdenas and N. Mendoza, CSL. Ph:143-1250 Fax:143-5222. SJD. Ph:142-5500. Airport Ph:105-8411. Open Mon-Sat 7am-8pm, Sun 7am-7pm—AX, MC, VS

THRIFTY  CAR RENTAL: SJD Airport Check in Ph:146-5030 to 34 Fax:146-5035. Office: Mon-Sun: 8am-8pm (1) Blvd. Mijares, corner of B. Juárez (La Playita Rd). Ph:142-3656. Mon-Sun: 8am-1pm, 3pm-6pm. (2) Westin Resort Los Cabos. Ph:142-9027. Mon-Sun 9am-5pm. (3) Plaza Gali, local #1-A CSL. Ph:145-7800 ext. 716. Mon-Sun 8am-1pm & 3pm-6pm. E-mail:;—AX, MC, VS

TURIMAZ: Is the rental car that has 3 office around Los Cabos in CSL, SJC, and Airport. Providing Quality Car Service by defining service excellence and building unmatched customer loyalty. Cabo San Lucas Blvd Marina and Guerrero S/N inside lobby hotel Marina, downtown. Ph:143-7363 Fax:143-4900;


BROWNS PRIVATE SERVICES: Butler and Chef services and private transportation: Bring great dining to you in the privacy and luxury of your vacation villa in Los Cabos, México. Private transportation. Ph:144-3419 Cell:(624)164-8185. E-mail:;—MC, VS

DENNI’S CATERING: Specializing in the private Chef Services breakfast, lunch, dinner, banquet and wedding chef service for your private event. 12 de Octubre # 8 CSL. Ph:143-0449, 143-8198, 143-7680. Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 9am- 4pm. E-mail:;—MC, VS

LAZY GOURMET EVENTS, CATERING & EVENT DESIGN: Catering and party rentals. Cabo's oldest and most innovative catering service. Matamoros and Carranza, CSL. Contact Tracy Dunlop. Ph/Fax:143-4111, 143-9984. Mon–Sat 9am–5pm. E-mail:—$

VOILA CATERING: Catering for private parties and events; Le Cordon Bleu Chef. Voilá Bistro, Plaza Paulina, Morelos at Comonfort, SJD. Ph/Fax:130-7569. E-mail:


CANADIAN CONSULATE: Ms. Peggy Dillman is the consulate representative. 2nd floor, Plaza José Green #9 (Banamex), Blvd. Mijares, SJD. Ph:142-4333 Fax:142-4262. Mon–Fri 9am–1pm. E-mail:

UNITED STATES CONSULAR AGENCY: Mr. Michael Houston Consular Representative, Consular Assistant Alfonso Ayala. Passport and notary service. 24-hour emergency service at (619) 692-2154. Plaza Naútica next to HSBC Bank, Blvd. Marina, CSL. Ph:143-3566 Fax:143-6750. Mon-Fri 9am-2pm. 10am-1pm. E-mail:—$

Courier Services

DHL WORLDWIDE EXPRESS: Prolongación L. Vicario corner with Bordo, Lomas del Sol entrance. Ph:143-4207. Mon-Fri 8:30am–5pm, Sat 9am–1pm. E-mail:—$

MAIL BOXES ETC: UPS & DHL shipping, PO Boxes, packaging, courier. (1) Plaza Bonita Loc. 44-E, CSL. Ph:143-3032. (2) Plaza Las Palmas, Km. 31, Transp., Hwy. SJD. Ph:142-6075. Mon–Fri 9am–5:30pm, Sat 9am–1pm—AX, MC, VS

Design and Marketing

XLC GLOBAL: A full service strategic marketing and consulting firm. With services ranging from full outsourcing of your marketing department to virtual tour design and development, XLC Global can make the most of your marketing budget and maximize your ROI. We Keep Your Business Growing! Ph:104-3131 US:(858)433-1407. Mon–Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-2pm.—AX, MC, VS

KREATIVE CO. DESIGN & MARKETING: We specialize in industrial design, architectural design, graphic design, interior design, web design, animation 2D or 3D and video post production and editing; as well as BTL, ATL, corporate image, promotions, marketing new products, urban furniture, and more. Ph:144-3380. E-mail:;

Emergency and Health Services

AMERIMED HOSPITAL: Network of medical facilities in México specialized in emergency medicine and critical care. All our facilities are set up for emergencies high resolution 24 hours a day. CSL. Edif. Pioneros, L.Cárdenas. Ph:105-8500. SJC. Patio Cabo Ley. Ph:105-8550. Air and Ground Ambulance Ph:105-8520. Daily 24-hrs—AX, MC,VS

ANGEL’S TOUCH DENTAL CLINIC: Vacation virtually free in beautiful Cabo San Lucas with savings on dentistry! Plaza Dorada, Loc. 10 & 11, Km. 32, Transp. Hwy. SJD. Ph: 142-6192. Retorno Palmilla #10, Frac. Campo de Golf, SJDC. Ph:105 2778. Emergencies call Cell:(624)157-1712. E-mail:;—MC, VS

DRA. ROSA PEÑA: “Angels Touch” Dental Clinics. Crowns, bridges and most treatments are up to 50% less in Los Cabos than in the States! Discount Hotel accommodations are available for patients. Retorno Palmilla No. 10 Campo del Golf San José del Cabo Next to Club La Costa and Peninsula Condos. SJDC. Ph:142-6192. Mon- Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 10am-2pm. E-mail:—AX, MC, VS

MEDICA LOS CABOS: English spoken. Emergency and general practice. Surgery, lab, X-rays, cat-scan, ultrasound and pharmacy. Zaragoza #148 near I. Green, SJD. Ph:142-2770, 142-1510. Daily 24-hours—MC, VS

RED CROSS / CRUZ ROJA MEXICANA: 24-hr emergency rescue and ambulance service. Delegación CSL, Km. 121 Todos Santos Hwy. #19. Ph:143-3300. DIAL 066 for emergencies in CSL.  DIAL 065 for emergencies in SJDC. DIAL 114 FROM ANY TELCEL LINE.

SAN JOSE DEL CABO VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARMENT: Our volunteer fire department needs donations of cash/equipment. Blvd. Mjiares at B. Juárez. Ph:142-2466. Emergencies, 24-hrs DIAL 066 or 068.

Fishing, Tackle and Repairs

None listed

Flower Shops

VIVERO LOS CABOS: Vivero Los Cabos has the infrastructure and capacity to serve all of your landscaping needs, whether it be small residential upgrades or large multi-phase projects for the hotel industry or public sector. Col. Santa Rosa. SJD. Ph:173-9850, 142-1380 Fax:173-9878. E-mail:;

Import Export Services

ALISER IMPORT EXPORT: Freight and trucking services at reasonable prices, with deliveries to Los Cabos every day. 2195 Britannia Blvd Suite 105, San Diego, CA 92154.

COLUMBIA EXPORT SERVICES: Import, export, purchasing and freight forwarding. (1) 8640 Siempre Viva Rd, San Diego, Ca 92154. Ph:(619)710-1863 Fax: (619)710-1868. (2) Sinaloa #15-3 between Rangel and La Playa, Col. Inalámbrica, La Paz, BCS. Ph:(612)123-2324 Fax:(612)123-2327. (3)Flor de Pitahaya Mza. 7, Lote 5, Fracc. Jacarandas, CSL. Ph:173-0033 Fax:173-0015. (4) Cerro de Los Cabos #3515 Col. Las Veredas, SJD. Ph:172-3589 Fax:172-3590. Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-1pm.

Interior Design Service

ATLANTIS HOUSE: FF&A Resource & Procurement; residential, commercial, hospitality & furniture manufacturing. Zaragoza 20-A, downtown, SJD. Ph:142-2799. Mon-Sat 9am–6pm. E-mail:—MC, VS

BALKE AND ASSOCIATES: Pre-construction consulting and space planning, full integrated design services. The Shoppes at Palmilla B-233, Km. 27.5 Transp. Hwy. Ph:144-6999 ext. 233. E-mail:; 

MAX INTERIORS: Custom design to meet your needs! Hardwood and laminate flooring, all types of blinds, plantation shutters, awnings, fabrics, trimmings, window treatments, staff available for interior design. Blvd. Mauricio Castro and Paseo de las Misiones Plaza Chicos local 7 Col. Fonatur SJD. Ph:142-2272. Mon to Sat 9am-6pm. E-mail:; 

THE CABO FURNITURE COMPANY: Providing top notch customer service throughout all phases of the interior design process. Showroom: Km. 32, Transp. Hwy., infront of Plaza Cabo Ley. Col. Magisterial. Ph:/Fax: 142-4878 USA line: (619)467-0064. Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-2pm. E-mail:;—AX, MC, VS

Internet Services

TRAZZO DIGITAL: High-speed internet and digital design services. Zaragoza 24, next to the church, SJD. Ph:142-0303. Mon-Fri 8am-9pm, Sat 9am-7pm. E-mail:;—$, MC, VS


None Listed


FRASER, BRADLEY: My style is a fusion of candid, artistic and revealing. Weddings, portraits, commercial,  360º VirtualViews, website design and development. Cell:(624)174-6945. E-mail:—AX, DC, MC, VS

GARCIA, GABRIEL: Wedding photography. Los Cabos, México Cell:(624)158-4893 US:(415) 462-5657. E-mail:; —$ 

HATTON, PETER: At your resort, home, the beach, in the desert, on a boat or on the golf course. Ph/Fax:142-2585 Cell:(624)122-2645.—$

HELIX AV: Photography and video services. Weddings, groups, events, nature, underwater photo, landscape and gastronomy. Ph:142-4001 Cell:(624)124-2477. E-mail:;—$

TRAVIS, TOMAS: Specializing in most aspects of commercial photography, including high end real estate, developments, food, jewelry, catalogs and pretty women! 25 years of experience Ph:142-6030 Cell:(624)109-8888 US:303-847-0577  E-mail:;—$

Professional Services

ALANIS, SERRANO Y DOBLADO, S.C. ATORNEYS AT LAW: We offer a wide range of legal services to a markedly international clientele. Working togheter since 1989. Km. 4.3 Transp. Hwy. CSL. SJD. Ph:144-7066, 144-7067, 144-7068. E-mail:;

BUFETE TRONCOSO: Attorneys at Law.  Condominios Miramar, Edif. 2-A, Paseo San José, SJD. Ph:142-4435. Mon–Fri 8am–2pm & 4pm–6pm, Sat 10am-1pm. E-mail:;

CONTADOR PUBLICO RICARDO VILLASEÑOR: Accounting services. Retorno 8 s/n, Col. Magisterial, SJD. Ph/Fax:142-3740. Mon–Fri 9am–5pm. E-mail:;

PROCABOS: Investment group. Development, marketing and sales. The Shoppes at Palmilla local B-236, Km. 27.5 Transp. Hwy. Ph:144-6999 Cell:(624)355-4653 By appt. E-mail:;

ROSEN LAW: Is an unique team of American and Mexican attorneys who deliver U.S.-style legal services on the Mexican side of the border. Paseo del Estero corner. Transp Hwy. km 30, Plaza Los Portales Local 205 SJD. Ph:146-9205 Toll Free:1(877)773-3172 Fax Mex:(551)084-2677 Fax US:1(909) 498-9997 Contact: Ben Rosen. E-mail:;

Real Estate and Related

BAJA PROPERTIES: 20 years in Los Cabos with eight offices offering hundreds of exclusive listings. Member MLS Los Cabos. Marketing for Tortuga Bay Beachfront Condos. Coral Baja Km. 29.5 Transp. Hwy. SJD. Ph:142-0988 Fax:142-0987 Us toll free number:1-877-464-2252.

CABO HOME SOLUTIONS: Property management, cleaning, maintenance, house kipping, five star services. SJD. Ph:120-5333 USA:(619)793-4845. Mon-Fri 8am-3pm, Sat 8am-2pm. E-mail:

CENTURY 21 PARADISE PROPERTIES: General Real Estate. Three Locations (1) Main Office: Blvd. Marina s/n Plaza Nautica local 1, CSL. Ph:143-1101. (2) Downtown Lázaro Cárdenas corner with Melchor Ocampo behind Plaza Arámbulo, CSL. Ph:143-0165. (3) Costa Azul km. 28.3 SJD. Ph:142-6662 US Toll Free:1-866-722-1786. Daily 9am-6pm. E-mail:;

CLUB CAMPESTRE SAN JOSE: A development which emerges in paradise, an exclusive community with the perfect blend of lifestyle, tranquil beauty, modern conveniences and private pleasure. Which makes Club Campestre San José... The Place to Live. Km. 119 libramiento Aeropuerto SJD Club Campestre San José. In front of the FONATUR roundabout, SJD. Ph:142-5327, 142-5328 Fax:142-5329. Mon-Fri 9am-1:30pm & 3:30pm-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm. E-mail:; 

COLDWELL BANKER RIVERAS REALTORS: The #1 Coldwell Banker franchise in México for the past 5 years, offers a full-service approach comprised of real estate consulting, financing coordination, closing services and property management/vacation rentals. With over 30 years of local experience and proven track record their customers experience benefits of global systems and solutions tailored to local, market-specific, needs, Offices in CSL, SJD, The East Cape, Pacific Side and La Paz. Ph CSL: 143-1945 Ph SJD:142-5544 The East Cape:141-0808 Pacific Side:(612)111-7369 La Paz:(612)128-7868 US Toll Free:1-866-805-4938

DESIERTO VERDE DE LOS CABOS: Sales, developments, beachfront homes and condos, management & vacation rentals. Km. 27.5 Transp. Hwy., SJD. Ph:144-5049 Fax:142-2832. Mon–Sat 10am-5pm. E-mail:;—$ 

EL ENCANTO DE LA LAGUNA: Is an exclusive beachfront community consisting of 36 home sites and 59 condominiums. Located next door to Puerto Los Cabos and the new marina. Is one ot the best investments in Los Cabos, is a masterful orchestration of beautiful natural settings combined with world class quality and amenities. Ph:122-5788 Direct line MX:1-866-556-1386 (toll free US). E-mail:;

FINANCE NORTH AMERICA: Make your dream home a reality with US financing! We specialize in providing mortgage financing to US and Canadian citizens for real estate transactions in Los Cabos, and other areas of México. Ph: San Diego, CA:(858) 481-4871 US/CAN Toll free:1-866-937-4639.

INTERNATIONAL LAND TITLE: Protect your investment with U.S. title insurance. Real estate closing services. (1) Plaza del Rey local 2 Km. 6.5 Transp. Hwy. (2) The Shoppes at Palmilla, Km. 27.5 Transp. Hwy. Ph:104-3140, 104-3142 Fax: 104-3139. Open Mon-Fri 9am–6pm. E-mail:;—MC, VS

JULIE KERSHNER: Real Estate Agent. Certified International Property specialist. Prudential California Realty, Cabo Gold Division. Blvd. Mijares #16, SJD. Cell:(624)118-1616. E-mail:;,

LA COSTA CONDOMINIUMS: Full ownership 1, 2 and 3 bedroom golf course condominiums units starting from $183,000 US. Ret. Punta Palmillas # L-14-22 A-D, Mayan Resorts Golf Course, across from Royal Solaris hotel, SJD. Ph:142-0556 Fax:142-3436. Open Mon–Sat 10am-5pm. E-mail:,;

LAND’S END REALTY: Serving the Los Cabos area for over 10 years. Main office: Plaza Misión, Blvd. Mijares, SJD. Plus four other locations. Ph:142-4525 Fax:142-4527.

MISION LA SERENA: Listed on travel & Leisure’s Top  100 Real State Developments. Located in los Cabos, next door to México’s newest luxury marina and surrounded by signature Nicklaus and Norman golf courses, Misión la Serena offers the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Ph:146-7952 Toll free:1-866-341-1190.

PRUDENTIAL CALIFORNIA REALTY: Cabo Gold Division. General real estate sales. (1) Transp. Hwy., Km. 6.5 Plaza del Rey local 12. Ph:104-3225 Fax: 104-3227. (2) Blvd. Mijares, SJD. Ph:105-2667 Fax:105-2668. E-mail:; 

STEWART TITLE: When investing in Real Estate, trust Stewart’s financial strength, professional closing services and leading technology. Stewart Title Los Cabos office: Plaza Las Velas Local-1 Módulo 1 Paseo de Los Cabos s/n Zona Comercial Fonatur SJD. Ph:130-7891/35 Fax:130-7116. E-mail:; 

SNELL REAL ESTATE: Los Cabos luxury real estate. The Shoppes at Palmilla Suite A-106 Palmilla Resort, Km. 27.5 Transp. Hwy. Del Mar Development, Villas de Oro, Cabo del Sol, Punta Ballena and San José del Cabo. Ph: 105-8100 Fax: 105-8101 Toll Free: 1-866-650-5845. E-mail:; 

VILLAS DE ORO: Villas de Oro is a masterful collection of luxury villas and townhomes built along the 27-hole Palmilla Golf Club, a Jack Nicklaus Signature Course, and ideally situated within the oceanfront resort community of Palmilla in Los Cabos, Mexico. Ph:144-5662 US:877-591-3773. E-mail:;


HIVE SALON AND SPA: Exclusive Day Spa with full salon services, massage and body treatments. The Shoppes at Palmilla, B-205, Km. 27.5 Transp. Hwy. Ph:144-6123. Open Mon-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 10am–6pm—AX, MC, VS

MEXSUN: Is an in-house or out call full service beauty salon specializing in home spa services, wedding parties, mani/pedi parties, and hair styling.We offer massages, cleansing facials, body exfoliations, waxing, manicures,and pedicures, hair repair treatments and full hair salon services. Plaza Garuffi local 21 and 22 (behind Mega) In SJD. Ph:142-6801 Cell:(624)355-4790. Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-5pm We close Sundays. E-mail:—MC, VS

SEA SPA AND SALON: The day spa welcomes walk-ins and features a full menu of body & salon treatments at a great ocean location. These include: Mud or Aloe wraps, Mango or Sand exfoliations, Anti-cellulite treatments, Botox effect facials and more. Swedish, deep tissue or hot and cold stone massage for relaxation or therapy needing surfers, golfers or sportsmen. A favorite is the romantic hydrotherapy Mayan dip and massage for couples. Bridal packages and own line of treatment products are available. Facility: 3 body treatment rooms and manicure, pedicure, hair and make up stations. Cabo Surf Hotel. Acapulquito Beach, Km. 28 Transp. Hwy. Ph:142-2676 Fax:142-2666 US:1-858-964-5117. Daily 8am-8pm. E-mail:;,, $35 to $80 usd spa parties and packages available—AX, MC, VS

SERENITY HOLISTIC MEDICAL SPA: Natural healing and alternative medical spa. Non-invasive treatments and holistic approach to improve your health and turn back the clock. Ask for our two week rejuvenation package. Plaza San José #12, SJD. Ph:146-9394 Cell:(624)122-3862. E-mail:—MC,VS

SPA ARRIBA: Massage, facials, hair and nail care services. Km. 29.5 Transp. Hwy. at Coral Baja Resort, SJD. Ph:142-3939 ext. 753. Mon–Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-3pm—$

SYLVIA RAMIREZ: Ramirez-Massage therapist and Certified practitioner of the Rolfing Method; over 12 years experience. Obregón at Morelos, SJD. Cell:(624)147-0165. Mon-Sat by appointment—$

Storage Space

BAJA SUR STORAGE: Enclosed, covered and open storage. Airport toll road, one mile from Los Cabos IA, SJD. Cell:(624)122-2025 US:888-898-2252. E-mail:—AX, MC, VS LOS CABOS MINI AND RV STORAGE: The storage service for all your needs; secure self-lock storage units: 5'x5' to 16' x40', outside parking for vehicles, RVs & boats, clean and well maintained, month to month leases. Transp. Hwy., Km 37, Between IA and SJD, Col. El Zacatal. Ph:142-0976. E-mail:;

Travel & DMC Agencies

CENTAURO THE CABO EXPERTS: A professional Destination Management Company based in Los Cabos, known as an excellent provider of concierge services. Carpinteros No. 22 Mza. 12, Lote 22, Col. Santa Rosa, SJD. Ph:142-6282 Fax:142-6292. E-mail:;

CTA - CABO TRAVELER ADVISORS: The only exclusive On-Site Destination Management Company representative of Virtuoso’s luxury travel network in Los Cabos. Premiere transportation, Villa Rentals, Private Chef, Butler and Concierge services, signature theme events and activities, High-end Group Meetings, Incentives & Conventions. Malvarrosa St. #136 at Biznaga, Col. Magisterial, SJD. Ph:142-4444 Fax: 142-4445. Mon–Fri 9am–7pm, Sat 9am–2pm.;—AX, MC, VS

DAYTRIPS: Spectacular & professional tours to Todos Santos, Isla Espíritu Santo, Los Cabos, La Paz, Santa María Bay snorkeling and shopping, for individual and group travelers, premiere quality services  with bilingual staff and certified guides. Km. 43, Transp. Hwy. (outside Int’l Airport). Ph:146-0088 Fax:146-0890. Daily 8am-8pm. E-mail:;—AX, MC, VS

EXCLUSIVE CABO: Our event planning and event management team offer you corporate travel and group travel at its best. Our experienced staff provides professional corporate retreat and incentive travel planning, Blvd. Mauricio Castro s/n, Plaza San José, SJD. Ph:130-7873.

GRAY LINE LOS CABOS: Professional and personalized transportation and tour service. Complete service for attractions and activities. Blvd. M. Castro, Plaza San José, Suite 1, SJD. Ph:146-9410. E-mail:—MC, VS

IVI LOS CABOS DMC: VIP transportation, villa rentals, event coordination, tours, activities, theme events and golf arrangements. V. González #1728, between Hidalgo and Morelos, SJD. Ph:146-9325 Fax:146-9326. Mon–Fri 8am–7pm, Sat 9am-2pm —AX, MC, VS

LOS CABOS EXPRESS: Airport plus local transportation service offering late model vehicles and experienced drivers. Los Cabos IA, Terminal 3, SJD. Ph/Fax:146-5181. E-mail:

TERRAMAR GROUPS AND INCENTIVES: Activities, tours, Baja Outback Hummer adventures, travel management, event and group planners and destination management services. Plaza Las Palmas, #35A, Km. 31 Transp. Hwy. Ph:142-9200 Fax:142-3166. Mon–Fri 8am–6pm, Sat & Sun 9am–2pm.—AX, MC, VS 

TRANSCABO: Premiere ground transportation, VIP and private services, Destination Management Company, incentive groups and event planning. Adventure tours and unique activities. Km. 43, Transp. Hwy. (outside IA). Ph:146-0888 Fax:146-0890. Daily 8am-8pm. E-mail:;—AX, MC, VS

TROPICAL INCENTIVES LOS CABOS: Prime class transportation, unique venues, exclusive teambuilding and interactive events, signature theme parties, activities and regional adventures. The finest selection of room gifts, customized program solutions. Friendly, professional and experienced staff. Paseo Cactus #189 I-9, Col. Magisterial, SJD. Ph:105-8800.—AX, MC, VS


EARTH, SEA AND SKY VACATIONS: Luxury villas, resorts and hotels, vacations, rentals and Los Cabos packages. 567 Autocenter Drive Watson Valley CA 95076. Ph:144-4518 US Fax: 831-724-5823 US Toll Free:1-800-745-2226. E-mail:;—AX, MC, VS

Weddings & Locations

LOS CABOS WEDDING: Fabulous wedding packages. We have the best wedding coordinators for you! Blvd. San José, Condos Casa Sol Int B5, SJD. Ph:142-6639. Daily 9am-5pm. E-mail:—AX, MC, VS

PERFECT WEDDINGS LOS CABOS: Wedding planning and coordination since 1997. Camino Viejo a Querencia #22 Facc. Vista Colorada SJD. Ph:144-5998. E-mail:;—$

TERRAMAR TRAVEL MANAGEMENT: Full service wedding and event planning since 1988. Plaza Las Palmas, Int. #35A, Km. 29.5, Transp. Hwy., SJD. Ph:142-9200; Fax:142-3166.—AX, MC, VS

Yacht Facilities & Services

PUERTO LOS CABOS MARINA: Full-service facilities for 470 boats. Puerto Los Cabos, Pueblo La Playa. Ph /Fax:105-6028. E-mail:;

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