Emergency, Medical, Health

Emergency, Medical, and Health Services

AMERIMED HOSPITAL: Network of medical facilities in México specialized in emergency medicine and critical care. All our facilities are set up for emergencies high resolution 24 hours a day. CSL. Edif. Pioneros, L.Cárdenas. Ph:105-8500. SJC. Patio Cabo Ley. Ph:105-8550. Air and Ground Ambulance Ph:105-8520. Daily 24-hrs www.amerimed-hospitals.com—AX, MC,VS

ANGEL’S TOUCH DENTAL CLINIC: Vacation virtually free in beautiful Cabo San Lucas with savings on dentistry! Plaza Dorada, Loc. 10 & 11, Km. 32, Transp. Hwy. SJD. Ph: 142-6192. Retorno Palmilla #10, Frac. Campo de Golf, SJDC. Ph:105 2778. Emergencies call Cell:(624)157-1712. E-mail: info@angelsdental.com; www.angelsdental.com—MC, VS

DRA. ROSA PEÑA: “Angels Touch” Dental Clinics. Crowns, bridges and most treatments are up to 50% less in Los Cabos than in the States! Discount Hotel accommodations are available for patients. Retorno Palmilla No. 10 Campo del Golf San José del Cabo Next to Club La Costa and Peninsula Condos. SJDC. Ph:142-6192. Mon- Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 10am-2pm. E-mail: caborosy@angelsdental.com—AX, MC, VS

MEDICA LOS CABOS: English spoken. Emergency and general practice. Surgery, lab, X-rays, cat-scan, ultrasound and pharmacy. Zaragoza #148 near I. Green, SJD. Ph:142-2770, 142-1510. Daily 24-hours—MC, VS

RED CROSS / CRUZ ROJA MEXICANA: 24-hr emergency rescue and ambulance service. Delegación CSL, Km. 121 Todos Santos Hwy. #19. Ph:143-3300. DIAL 066 for emergencies in CSL.  DIAL 065 for emergencies in SJDC. DIAL 114 FROM ANY TELCEL LINE.

SAN JOSE DEL CABO VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARMENT: Our volunteer fire department needs donations of cash/equipment. Blvd. Mjiares at B. Juárez. Ph:142-2466. Emergencies, 24-hrs DIAL 066 or 068.